This is how it works.

The process is simple. Participants will ask people to be “Sponsors.”

  • Sponsorship is a single donation and is not based on miles or minutes walked. “Sponsors” are those lovely folks who agree to donate money for your participation as a walker in the Mothers Day Breast Cancer Canal Walk.

  • They may be friends, family, neighbors, and parents’ co-workers or business associates. We caution all minors not to go door to door to elicit pledges without an adult with you.

  • Check with employers for employee matching.

  • Cash, or checks made payable to “MDBCCW” or "American Cancer Society" can be collected. You are responsible for giving sponsors a hand written receipt if requested.

  • For friends and family who may be out of town, they can use the "Donation" tab on this website.

All donations are tax deductible for your sponsors.


Donations can be made online via a link on this website under the "Donation" tab. Donations are processed through PayPal. PayPal personal accounts are not required for processing.


The pledge forms are where you keep track of all the people who have pledged money to you for the walk, the amount that was pledged after you collected it will also be entered along with contact information. Should you need additional Pledge Forms, they are available on this website using the button above or at Micro Graphics, located at 36-B Main Street • Lockport, N.Y. 14094 • 716-434-9123.

Steps to follow:

Step 1 - When you ask someone to sponsor you, tell them who you are, that you are raising money for the Mother's Day Breast Cancer Canal Walk, and how they can help. You might say,

"Hello my name is ___________ and I participating in a Mother's Day Breast Cancer Walk. I am raising money for the walk on Mothers Day, May 14th at Wide Waters Marina in Lockport.

Would you like to sponsor me?"

Step 2 - Explain that the sponsorship is a single donation, and not based on laps or minutes walked and their donation is tax-deductible. You should let the sponsor know that your money must be turned in the day of the walk, so you may collect the money right then, or return at a later time to pick it up prior to the walk. Cash and checks may be collected. Checks should be made payable to “Mother's Day Breast Cancer Canal Walk / "MDBCCW” or the "American Cancer Society".

Step 3 - Have your sponsor fill in their name, contact info and pledge amount on the Pledge Form. Please offer your sponsors a hand written receipt for tax purposes. You are responsible for giving receipts to your sponsors if requested.

Step 4 – Feel free to invite your sponsors to come, watch and participate in the walkers festivities. We also want to promote an active lifestyle for everyone we know. Most importantly, always, always, always remember to say "Thank you!!"

If you email someone and ask for a donation, have them send their donation to you before the walk or to: MDBCCW, P.O. Box 436 • Lockport, NY 14095, before or after the walk.  Donations can be be made any time using the website "Donation" tab.


  • Walkers turn in their pledge forms and donations the day of the walk. This can be done on May 8th at the registration pavilion located at Widewaters Marina. Registration starting at 10:30am the day of the walk.

  • If a walker can not participate on the day of the walk, and the walker has forms and donation to submit, please submit those items at the following address:
    Micro Graphics • 36-B Main Street • Lockport, N.Y. 14094 • 716-434-9123

PARENTS: Please help your children dress appropriately for the weather; we will be walking rain or shine. We’ll be selling water to walkers, but we encourage walkers to bring their own water bottles labeled with their first and last name.